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Finding A Recruitment Specialist In Your Specific Field

Not all job searches are equal. Recruitment Specialists are responsible for candidate generation – primarily through direct sourcing and research to attract both passive and active candidates. Finding the right one to fulfil your talent acquisition needs is key to driving your business forward. 

What Is Specialist Recruitment

Specialist recruitment agencies work in a niche market, focusing on a specific industry, skill set, or location. talentCRU provides their clients with software system experts for their SAP, Oracle, and IT job roles.

Specialist recruitment agencies build relationships with candidates with niche skills, therefore companies looking for specific skill sets benefit from the niche pool of candidates a specialist can offer. They also benefit from getting expert advice, which can be particularly helpful when the clients themselves aren’t in the industry.

This would be, for example, if a warehousing company requires an IT manager, they might not necessarily know how to interview or test the IT knowledge of a candidate, while the specialist recruiter would know exactly the skills and expertise the client requires for the role and can therefore advise them in that respect. They also gain access to what’s going on in the market as the recruiter will speak with hundreds of people in a single month. They’ll be aware of projects that companies are working on, places where people might be moving to and from, and where the best people are currently working.

Difference Between General and Specialist Recruiters

The services offered by generalist and specialist recruiters are generally broadly similar – the main differences between them are in the quantity and quality of candidates you are sent.

As generalist agencies cover lots of jobs across many sectors, they usually have a very large pool of candidates to draw on. While this may sound like a good thing, in practice having to wade through hundreds of CVs from unsuitable candidates with no sector experience or specialist skills can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Specialist consultancies like TPP only deal in your sector, which means that they only register candidates with relevant experience and skills in the first place. Their individual consultants will also have a much better knowledge of your sector and understanding of your organisation’s needs, as they only deal with similar roles. Both these factors result in a much more relevant shortlist of candidates.

How To Choose A Recruitment Specialist

Anyone who has ever used a recruitment company will know that there are some good ones out there, but also more than a few sharks. Choose carefully and wisely to boost your specialist talent acquisition prospects and avoid getting bitten by a reckless recruiter.

With that in mind, here are four key components that you need to look for in a specialist recruiter:

Insider Understanding

The big difference between a general recruiter and a specialist is that a specialist knows the field they are hiring for and can hold their own in a conversation with a candidate with detailed understanding of the job spec that needs to be filled.

Identify The right Channels

It should be said that not all fish can be caught in the same pond. The recruitment landscape is forever changing, and you are now faced with a bewildering amount of job boards which can become quite costly if you choose the wrong one. Specialist recruiters know where to advertise for particular roles, where candidates look to find those roles and how to connect with them.

Do The Heavy Lifting

Sifting through hundreds of unsuitable CVs is time-consuming, and quite frankly this is not going to be top of your list of favourite tasks.  A specialist recruiter must be able to run the gauntlet with applications and present a shortlist of perfect candidates.

talentCRU As Your Recruitment Specialist

In an era where progress is driven by people and experiences, and where finding and developing the right talent is key, talent acquisition has become the main engine of business growth.

Here are a handful of categories that talentCRU specialises in when it comes to specialist recruitment requirements:

Commercial recruitment

A team of consultants who focus on providing high calibre candidates across all commercial and business disciplines through to professionals, including middle to senior management & board level appointments. Roles include accounts, finance, accounting and financial management, Human resources, sales and marketing, secretarial/PA, shipping/export/import, procurement/logistics, insurance, operations, general management, and administrative support, pharmaceutical and legal.

Financial markets recruitment

As specialists in the Financial Markets industry, we have the technical understanding and expertise to identify talent nationally in a highly competitive market. We recruit across a wide range of financial markets industries including stockbroking, asset management, investment and corporate banking, financial planning and wealth management, insurance and employee benefits, actuarial and investment consulting, as well as fund services.

IT & Telecoms recruitment

In tune with the ever-changing ICT arena, this division utilises the latest recruitment techniques and ICT marketplace expertise to provide leading-edge skills to technology-driven organisations.

Engineering recruitment

Our Engineering division employs technical expertise and specialist selection techniques to lead the field in all levels of engineering recruitment, from specialist engineering professionals to senior executives.

Supply Chain recruitment

A team of specialists that focus on providing complete Supply Chain solutions to any business. We find the top talent in shipping/export/import, procurement/logistics in both Africa and South Africa.

Executive Search

Our clients utilise our skills for both senior-level roles as well as critical skills placements. We assign a fully dedicated project team who are able to prioritise the assignment. The resources and expertise which are additionally incorporated into our retained search assignments save our clients time and money. Disciplines include engineering, IT & Telecoms, financial markets, management, and executives.



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