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Managed Services Provider South Africa

talentCRU Is Your Managed Services Provider When it Comes To Hiring

Outsourcing your hiring process might seem daunting. What’s more intimidating than that is sifting through hundreds (even thousands) of applications only to let the outstanding candidates get lost in the pile. That’s where a Managed Services Provider like talentCRU can save you time and effort without letting those gems slip through the cracks. 

The rapid growth of the external workforce to get work done is one of the most important business stories of our time, with far reaching implications for both employers and employees. Yet, most companies are still figuring out the best ways to manage this extended workforce. Those C-level executives who manage this external workforce effectively are finding it to be a driver of competitive advantage, and others risk being left behind as their rivals make better use of these critical human resources.

In partnership with global leading technology platform providers, talentCRU is spearheading expansive change programs through firms looking to turn their external workforce (temps, contractors, consultants, and service providers) into powerful value-adding contributors that are managed through an evolved, technology-underpinned, central channel.

What Is A Managed Services Provider In Recruitment?

MSPs are a subset of Business Spend Management (the unified set of business processes, supported by technology platforms, that encompass procurement, invoice management and expense management, all the ways employees spend money). 

Think of the MSP channel as a Shared Service Centre for the effective end-to-end (P2P) demand and process management of your firm’s consumption of third party resources and services, a capability where we have centralised, standardised, digitised, automated and optimised processes that form a discrete business spend value-chain and integrated this value-chain into your tech ecosystem; where we render the service as a KPI performance-regulated managed service. 

Whilst your Procurement and Sourcing teams generally look to optimise and control the Supply-side of matters, MSP Service Providers look to optimise and control the Demand-side of matters, the actual buying activities of your engagement managers. In some way, this channel can then be seen as your Demand Management engine room, harmonised and aligned with your strategic sourcing strategies and ensuring the right resource or service is obtained from the right supplier, at the right time, for the right price. Transparency, legitimacy, visibility, control, compliance and cost-savings are all the order of the day, experienced by you as your Sourcing category plan cost reduction initiatives on steroids.

Procurement of people and services is a process with a lot more complexities than the procurement of goods where catalogue buying is often the norm. Ensuring that the procurement activities of all engagement managers hiring large volumes of contingent resources from a wide panel of third party suppliers, follows a properly governed, transparent and spend management optimised process day-in and day-out is very similar to herding cats at an industrial level. It’s a globally-specialised field. This global specialisation took off in North America, the UK and Europe at the turn of the 21st Century and was brought to SA by the Adcorp Group in 2011. To date, talentCRU remains the only firm that has ever established these MSP channels in South Africa. 

Four Benefits of Using A Managed Services Provider When Recruiting

In an increasingly competitive and complex contingent talent market, utilising a Managed Service Programme has clear and obvious benefits for a business, no matter the size of the scaling that needs to take place.

Here are four hard-and-fast benefits of why utilising an MSP if right for you:


A Managed Service Programme gives organisations complete visibility over their workforce. From temporary workers to consultants, freelancers to contractors, a Managed Service Provider utilises its expertise to hire the best talent for businesses. With the right working relationship, a Managed Service Programme relieves a company’s HR and talent acquisition functions from the complex task of managing a contingent workforce, allowing those respective departments to take care of more pressing, internal matters.

Agility and cost savings

Just like a hammer has its place in a toolbox, MSPs are the right implements in the recruiting game. MSPs are experts in attracting the right talent, no matter how competitive the market may behave. It can make a business more agile, allowing it to respond to shifts in the market whilst simultaneously improving efficiencies. 


Many organisations utilise seasonal staff. Finding a temporary workforce at scale can make or break a busy Christmas period. Hiring temporary talent for a large defence contract can alter the outcomes of an entire nation. A Managed Service Programme provides the scalability needed to ride the peaks and troughs of contingent recruitment activity. Utilising a Managed Service Provider’s team of experts ensures that a business never finds itself short-staffed, even in extraordinary cases.

Global reach and compliance

As companies expand globally, a Managed Service Programme becomes vital, though only if the Managed Service Provider is also global in scale. Though a warehouse worker in Australia ultimately performs the same role as a warehouse worker in the UK, employment laws are quite often distinct. 

By using a Managed Service Provider, a business can lean on their extensive knowledge of tax, labour and legislation in local markets. Not only does this save a business a great deal of energy, but it also ensures that a business’s internationalisation efforts are fully compliant – shielding them from possible lawsuits.

Managed Services Provider talentCRU

Why talentCRU is your top choice as Managed Services Provider

Each year, talentCRU touches more than two hundred thousand aspirant candidates for its clients in both temporary and permanent placement opportunities. talentCRU serves as the pre-eminent provider of RPO, MSP and HRO workplace management solutions within Africa. According to the US-headquartered Staffing Industry Analysts, talentCRU is the only MSP services provider within the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) that is headquartered in Africa. 

Achieving over 4,000 permanent hires and over 4,000 contingent and temporary workers each year, talentCRU exists to transform the hiring experiences of all who come through its hands, delivering the following direct and tangible benefits to its clients:

  • A reduction in the cost per hire for externally sourced talent;
  • A reduction in the time it takes to hire this externally sourced talent;
  • An increase in the quality of external candidates presented; and
  • Optimised B-BBEE procurement spend recognition for procurement spend in engaging a Black-Women-Owned, Black-Owned, level 1 B-BBEE firm.

We know that recruitment is an extensive process that can take weeks, even months. With over 100 years of combined market-leading Permanent recruitments services, through DAV, The Personnel Concept and Kelly permanent placements into the talentCRU family, we offer a holistic end-to-end offering for our valued clients and candidates. 

Businesses globally are becoming increasingly reliant on outsourcing capacity to manage critical issues within their core business areas in order to achieve their corporate goals. This trend sees contingent labour becoming a significant part of organisations’ workforce strategy.

talentCRU offers bespoke custom-tailored recruitment solutions such as:

  • MSP;
  • RPO and; 
  • Contractor services.

Through the MSP solution, talentCRU provides workforce management expertise for our clients’ contingent labour requirements by securing talent from a wide range of sources including resourcing suppliers, outsourced service providers, independent contractors and other talent pools.

Our MSP offering guides you through the often-complex navigation through your supply and contract management life cycles of supplier/vendor management. It gives you complete visibility of your entire contractor workforce, including associated costs, detailed analytics, and reporting to drive business decisions.

We do all the work, while you enjoy the benefits of having a subject matter expert in your corner, navigating you through the new world of work – the contingent workforce.

We give our customers the opportunity to access talent, driven by the very real, and common journey towards digital transformation. Major workforce trends are distilled and shared with customers – to ultimately drive workforce plans and overall decision making.

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