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TalentCru Offers Total Talent Management Workplace Solutions

In a world that is constantly reinventing itself, we need new skills, talents and capabilities to interact, connect and collaborate. talentCRU offers a  simpler, faster, better recruitment experience with total talent management while finding enhanced common ground between people and companies.

talentCRU harnesses the technological and services prowess of the Adcorp Group to package and deliver total talent management workplace solutions, in a centrally managed, digitally-empowered, single-delivery channel.

As a scalable, turnkey, one-stop shop for all talent acquisition and management, we help clients to increase their competitive advantage by aligning strategy with people and culture. We leverage global best practices and technology to acquire and manage top talent, offering a holistic approach to workforce management solutions.

Let’s unpack this further by breaking down the building blocks of total talent management. 

What Is Total Talent Management?

The concept of Total Talent Management has been with us for a while now. Today, it has as many doubters as it does proponents. For some, a TTM solution will never be a realistic possibility. But it’s hard to argue with the fact that the direction of travel is clearly towards a TTM approach.

The benefits of using Total Talent Management in Your Workplace:

  • Improved ability to respond to wider business strategies
  • Better workforce productivity through the effective deployment of all available skills.
  • Ability to evaluate the availability of skills across the total workforce and choose or flex the optimum engagement type for the required skill.

In the past decade, the contingent workforce has grown across most global businesses. Today, up to 40% of a business is made up of non-permanent talent, creating a truly mixed workforce. In light of this, business leaders need to change their approach to talent — particularly if they want to successfully navigate today’s most prominent talent trends.

Total Talent Management Workplace Solutions

Taking Care Of Your Brand As Employer

TTM also allows a consistent employer brand for both contingent and permanent talent to emerge. Most global businesses have an employer brand, but for most, this is exclusively catered towards permanent talent. As the most gifted workers embrace greater flexibility, businesses won’t have any option but to build an employer brand for contingent workers, too.

When rolled into an MSP programme, Contingent RPO helps to some degree. But, ideologically speaking, having a truly holistic approach to talent management — which TTM theoretically offers — could assimilate the end-to-end process.

The Importance of Total Talent Management Workplace Solutions

Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of undertaking a total talent management strategy given this radical change to the workforce of today.

Here are a few reasons why Total Talent Management is so important in the modern talent acquisition and retention arena:

Keeping An Eye On ROI

There are multiple avenues where you’ll achieve significant cost savings in deploying a total talent management strategy. The first, and most obvious, is via a better operational approach to talent sourcing, engagement and management. Through standardisation of talent operations, coupled with the obvious economies-of-scale, your business will cut costs on the processes, checks and operational imperatives of engaging all categories of talent.


Without a doubt, you’ll be able to make better workforce decisions, as your talent pool is utilised more efficiently. With a birds-eye view of both your contingent and permanent workforce, you can allocate the right talent resources, with the right business requirement, at the right time.


if your perm hires are pushed to the limit due to an inability to plug skills gaps, their level of engagement and productivity empirically drops. By taking a whole-of-workforce approach, you’re able to ensure minimal disruption to your worker’s day-to-day, by ensuring you have the right people – irrespective of worker category – at your disposal when you need it most.

Total Talent Management Workplace Solutions

How talentCRU Can Help With Total Talent Management Workplace Solutions

Today, recruitment has become more of a science with technology allowing for better analysis of what talent needs are and better tools for evaluating whether candidates will be a good fit. With the combination of domain knowledge, the power of technology and best-of-breed processes, total talent management has become possible, and a melting pot of innovation.

Instead of the traditional controlling procurement approach, inspire a dynamic supply chain. From freelancer and online staffing platforms to consultancies and SOW workers, we’ll support you to embed a new mindset with your hiring managers.

As a leading workforce solutions provider and staffing company, we have unrivaled access to market data and intelligence. We combine this with the technology and analytics systems to track your own workforce data, enabling you and your hiring managers to make the right talent decisions.

talentCRU seeks new ways to shape markets, economies and our shared future, by offering a wide range of diverse talent management solutions across a vast spectrum of industry sectors, job types, and geographic regions.

With talentCRU’s Total Talent Management Workplace Solutions, we implement processes, insights and systems to help organisations make informed decisions on how to get their work done based on the skills landscape, above and beyond the method in which teams have been resourced in the past. 

talentCRU allows talent acquisition and HR teams to:

  • Become less transactional and more strategic,
  • Become more involved unpacking issues around the workplace while refining corporate culture,
  • Concentrate on future skills demands.

talentCRU will work with you to optimise your supplier management processes. Focusing on methods, technology and tools that attract and retain the workers you need to get vital work done, while empowering the suppliers who best deliver them. 

When it comes to skills shortages, talentCRU uses smart technology, machine learning and data science to automate and optimise the processes to ensure that the necessary skill sets required are met. Whilst leveraging our experts where they add the most value to build your reputation as an employer of choice.

With talentCRU, as a client, you are able to delve into the realm of contingent workforce planning and other strategies that enable organisations to deliver the most value to their customers.

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