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talentCRU Takes Talent Acquisition To The Next Level

The future of Talent Acquisition is agility. Human resources professionals have to be able to manage the talent pool with lightning speed. Why? The job market is competitive and constantly moving forward. TA leaders have to be able to interact with job seekers in real-time. Without this skill, companies run the risk of losing their best talent to the competition – whether it be in the same industry or another industry. Understanding this new paradigm will allow TA leaders to drive desired business outcomes.

TA done right can help a company grow and reach its long-term goals. Given the current talent environment, however, it does seem a difficult task to accomplish. But, a TA leader who understands the type of employees his or her company needs and what types of workers make up the workforce is best prepared for the future of work.

Talent Acquisition Breakdown

Talent acquisition is defined as the process of developing a full-fledged strategy to attract and recruit top talent. It’s important to note that talent acquisition and recruitment aren’t synonymous. Recruitment is just one aspect of talent acquisition, that has to do with the selection and hiring of a candidate to fit a job vacancy. Talent acquisition, on the other hand, has a far broader ambit.

The definition of talent acquisition spans:

  • Employer branding
  • Recruitment marketing
  • The process of recruitment itself (which includes candidate relationship management)
  • An onboarding plan that involves succession planning and talent development, and continuous strategic alignment with C-level goals

Today, a talent acquisition strategy is critical for:

  • Identifying candidates who are likely to provide an excellent culture fit
  • Finding/ creating new roles if a compelling candidate is available in the market
  • Assessing passive candidates for possible roles in the organisation
  • Positioning a company as a “preferred employer” to young professionals, building an uninterrupted talent pipeline

Importantly, the talent acquisition function doesn’t just involve HR.

For example, stakeholders across marketing and sales, public relations, and learning and development all play a key role in helping a company attract and nurture top talent. As a result, large enterprises often dedicate a separate team to talent acquisition – independent of HR – comprising professionals with cross-disciplinary expertise in all these areas.

Now that the definition of talent acquisition is clear, let’s break down the process into its five essential components.

How The Talent Acquisition Process Works

The entire recruiting and talent acquisition process is undergoing a major upheaval with the changing preferences of the young workforce and the rising demand for cutting-edge skills – for example, cloud competencies, digital marketing, or artificial intelligence (AI). And proving this is the 2019 State of Talent Acquisition Report by Mettl reveals that 74% of companies surveyed are still struggling to hire top talent.

An essential best practice for talent acquisition managers today is to treat candidates like consumers. In other words, lessons from digital marketing can be instrumental when you’re looking to build a robust talent acquisition function. Let’s explore the talent acquisition process in this context.

talentCRU Talent Acquisition Solutions

talentCRU is the unquestionable leader in the market when it comes to providing bespoke, customer-tailored recruitment solutions that include our MSP, RPO and Contractor services.

We are delighted to bring you over 100 years of combined market-leading Permanent recruitments services, Through DAV, The Personnel Concept and Kelly permanent placements into the talentCRU family, to provide a holistic end-to-end offering for our valued clients and candidates – such as yourself.

talentCRU is part of Adcorp Professional Services; a division of the Adcorp Group. This international workplace solutions group provides diverse talent management solutions across a vast spectrum of industry sectors, job types, and geographic regions. The partnership helps us to source top talent from anywhere in SA and even parts of Australia.


talentCRU is proud to bring a new and exciting service offering to the South African market, a service offering that speaks directly to the evolving needs of our clients who require more. More flexibility, more empowerment, more advanced technology, more scalability, more delight. We have taken everything that a modern-day Talent Acquisition team requires and we’ve integrated all of these components – the technology, the people and all the associated services – to build a completely harmonious and seamless offering, and we’ve packaged it into an all-inclusive, low-cost monthly subscription model, which is the first of its kind in South Africa.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

A form of business process outsourcing where a client transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider and gets back a scalable, turnkey, just-in-time, solution optimised for individual requirements. talentCRU’s experienced recruiters work in your organisation to get a deep understanding of your people, culture, and values. We identify the things that make your business great, positioning you as an employer of choice to top talent.

Managed Service Provider

An MSP provides advanced capabilities, enabling customers to procure services, source and manage contingent workers and complex services, and onboard them in an easy, secure, and compliant way, at scale. Businesses globally are becoming increasingly reliant on outsourcing capacity to manage critical issues within their core business areas in order to achieve their corporate goals. This trend sees contingent labour becoming a significant part of organisations’ workforce strategy. Through the MSP solution, talentCRU provides workforce management expertise for our clients’ contingent labour requirements by securing talent from a wide range of sources including resourcing suppliers, outsourced service providers, independent contractors and other talent pools. Our MSP offering guides you through the often-complex navigation through your supply and contract management lifecycles of supplier/vendor management. It gives you complete visibility of your entire contractor workforce, including associated costs, detailed analytics, and reporting to drive business decisions.

Permanent Recruitment

Specialist consultants focus on dedicated market segments, providing proficient junior management to C-Suite candidates. We service businesses and candidates within the Permanent recruitment world.




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