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Unpacking The Blue PODS

talentCRU is proud to bring a new and exciting service offering to the South African market, a service offering that speaks directly to the evolving needs of our clients who require more. More flexibility, more empowerment, more advanced technology, more scalability, more delight.

The Problem With Modern Day Talent Acquisition

Connecting With The Right Candidates

The number one issue that a modern talent acquisition team faces is that the right fit for the job gets lost in the noise caused by thousands of applicants all at once. On top of this, it often happens that the ideal candidate is not aware of the job on offer. This can be due to poor recruitment skills or missed job advertisement opportunities. 

Great Candidates Are In Demand

Talent acquisition teams acquire the right candidates, run the gauntlet with interviews, skill testing and reference checking only to end up with the prospect accepting a better offer somewhere else. This not only wastes company time but resources as well, especially when tight hiring deadlines need to be met. 

There’s A Shortage Of Talent Needed

Skilled labour is growing more scarce each year with no end in sight. According to a ManpowerGroup report published in 2019, the talent shortages in the South African workplace and labour market include a lack of experience and hard skills. This has made the job of finding the right individual even more difficult. 

Candidate Testing Is Inaccurate

One of the biggest challenges recruiters face is figuring out how to test and interview candidates to determine if they can actually do the job before they hire them . Often job seekers come in with excellent resumes and references and look on paper, but turn out not to be the right fit for the position. 

Picky Hiring Managers

Unless you’re a specialist recruiter, you’re unlikely to know everything about every role that you hire for. The same can be true for hiring managers or department heads. 

talentcru blue pods

Introducing PODS By talentCRU

Employee recruitment, selection, and assessment have been for many years and still remain one of the most prominent and important areas of research and practice in both work/organisational psychology.  

talentCRU has taken everything that a modern-day talent acquisition team requires and we’ve integrated all of these components – the technology, the people, and all the associated services – to build a completely harmonious and seamless offering, and we’ve packaged it into an all-inclusive, low-cost monthly subscription model, which is the first of its kind in South Africa.

First of its kind, PODS is a single offering that combines and integrates all of the technology and human components required to create a holistic recruitment solution. 

Dealing traditionally with the successful attraction, assessment, selection and onboarding of employees in an organisation, it has always been a critical and expensive operation in every organisation. Fortunately, talentCRU has revolutionised the recruitment process with the introduction of Placement On Demand Subscriptions.

What are the Benefits of PODS?

Simple to use and straight to the point, PODS offers recruitment solutions that fit your requirements and needs. PODS offer a wide range of benefits such as:

Cost Savings

Placement On Demand Subscriptions come with fixed dedicated monthly subscriptions fees that make it easy and predictable to budget for. 

Collaborative Intelligence 

The first of its kind in South Africa, talentCRU has taken its decades of recruitment experience and integrated powerful computer-driven innovation into the equation, coupling expert human intelligence with smart technology. This allows PODS to remove any unconscious bias, offering true analytics through intricate data processing, all while delivering consistently. 


Thanks to its meticulous design, PODS works on a flexible engagement model that runs on a fully integrated talent acquisition ecosystem consisting of all the technology, human resources and support infrastructure required.


PODS has Various operating models available to suit your needs and demands, including a fully outsourced solution, hybrid bolt-on solution, and a project solution, fitting your recruitment needs. 

User Experience

User experience is at the core of PODS’ design, offering full transparency and timely communication at every stage of every vacancy.

Enhanced Employer Brand

With all the points above combined, PODS can enhance your brand through the improved user experience of all participants in recruitment activities – from talent agent to prospect and everyone in between.

talentcru blue pods

Introducing The Blue Package

Ideal for low volume recruitment, the blue package is an exciting introduction to the capabilities that Placement On Demand Subscriptions has to offer. This package has been structured to offer the following benefits on a per-job requisition basis:

Recruiter delivery management

Designed to cut down on the cost as well as the time it takes to hire a prospective candidate, the blue package offers recruiter delivery management to ensure that targets are met. 

Advertising: PNet & Career Junction

Getting the word out there, PODS makes use of advertising on South Africa’s top job sites, PNet and Job Seeker. These sites provide South African job seekers, agencies and employers with reliable insights into salary levels and online labour supply and demand trends. 

Employment reference checks

Most employers check references as part of the hiring process. Checking references involves contacting previous employers, supervisors, schools, and so forth to verify key employment and educational information and learn more about a candidate’s background, experiences, and skills. Employment reference checks come standard with the blue package.

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