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Unpacking The Gold PODS

The first of its kind in South Africa, Placement On Demand Subscriptions (PODS) offer firms the flexibility to hire the best candidates for the job, faster and more efficiently at a fixed monthly cost. In this article, we will unpack the Gold package within talentCRU’s PODS offering.  

Incorporating Smart Technology Into Talent Acquisition

Digital transformation within the recruitment industry is nothing new. Given the proven ability of digital tools to drive efficiency and innovation in all fields, it has proven to refine and enhance the talent management and acquisition processes. Today, intelligent automation and machine learning are boosting applicant refinement and removing any biases. Yet many companies are not making use of this technology, mainly due to not understanding the benefits that smart technology can offer hiring managers and their departments. 

The good news is that emerging technology can help companies tackle the challenge of identifying, attracting and retaining critical talent. talentCRU has taken everything that a modern day Talent Acquisition team requires and integrated all of these components to build a completely harmonious and seamless offering. 

Placement On Demand Subscriptions (PODS) integrates all the human and technical resources required for a holistic recruitment experience. Smart, convenient and cost effective, PODS combines the world’s leading applicant tracking system with a full-suite candidate selection platform. 

Designed to enable innovative companies to hire better and faster while identifying top performers and measuring critical skills. PODS also delivers relevant validated data-driven matching scores that are supported and underpinned by recruitment experts. 

gold pods

What PODS is not…

  • Not a hiring platform but a human-led process that relies on the synergy between personnel input and technological refinement. 
  • Not a pay-as-you-go placement model, it’s a value-for-money monthly subscription service offering.
  • Not a Job Board but an end-to-end service offering.
  • Not an Artificial Intelligence automated sourcing tool, it enhances expert human-led sourcing.
  • Not an Applicant tracking System but an integrated managed service
  • Not an algorithm concocted automated matching tool, it draws on the expertise of seasoned recruiters.
  • Not an App but a tech-supported human-managed service.

Why The Gold PODS Are For You

talentCRU is proud to bring a new and exciting service offering to the South African market, a service offering that speaks directly to the evolving needs of our clients who require more. With PODS, you have a single service offering that provides everything that you need, and so much more than you’d expect. 

PODS offers:

  • More flexibility,
  • More advanced technology,
  • More scalability,
  • More delight.

This platform allows companies to hire better and faster by identifying top-performing candidates while measuring their critical skills and competencies. It also integrates with all job boards and social media channels without skimming on interview scheduling functionality. 

gold pods

What Makes The Gold PODS Different?

Structured to evolve client and candidate experience, the Gold PODS is set up to offer functionality across the board. 

Consisting of everything offered in the blue and silver packages, the Gold also comes with four additional offerings and can take up to 15 job requisitions per quarter. The Gold-specific traits include:

Dedicated Account Manager

The dedicated account manager will work closely with you and your talent acquisition team to develop an outcome sufficient to your needs and requirements.

Advertising: LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is an all-encompassing hiring platform that helps find, connect with, and manage the people you want to be on your team. This grants access to advanced search filters and can prioritise recommended matches based on who’s most open to hearing from you.

Interview scheduling software

The many steps between sourcing candidates and making an offer can easily become a logistical nightmare, especially when you’re dealing with a high volume of applicants. The Gold package allows users access to interview scheduling software to manage and schedule interviews with candidates. 

Who Would Benefit From The Gold Package

If you are looking to replace your current recruitment capabilities with something that is more refined, then PODS is for you. Above and beyond saving you time and money, PODS can do so much more, no matter the size of the recruitment project at hand:

Free Up Resources

It allows the ability to free up to 70% of your current talent acquisition capability and allows them to focus more on your long-term strategic hiring objectives. In a nutshell, PODS is designed to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Project-Based Recruitment

Our PODS solution can be a complete, end-to-end solution executed to meet your business growth objectives.

Volume Recruitment

Delivering high-volume solutions encompassing full-cycle recruitment, so companies can hire great talent quickly and cost-effectively.

For niche market skills, you may want to supplement your PODS plan with a placement guarantee, where our specialist recruiters will utilise advanced sourcing practices to tap into the passive candidate pool for you, those candidates not actively looking for new employment. 

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