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Unpacking The Platinum PODS

A first for the South African recruitment market, talentCRU is proud to bring a new and exciting service that will assist talent management teams streamline their hiring process. Placement On Demand Subscriptions (PODS) speaks directly to the evolving needs of talentCRU’s clients. The Platinum PODS introduces more flexibility, more empowerment, advanced technology, and more scalability.

Packed with everything that a modern-day Talent Acquisition team requires, PODS integrates the world of smart technology with the hands-on intellect of human touch. Through this talentCRU has built a completely harmonious and seamless offering – all packaged into an all-inclusive, low-cost monthly subscription model. With PODS, you have a single service offering that provides everything that you need, and so much more than you’d expect.

Let’s unpack this further by taking a look at what Placement On Demand Subscriptions can do for you and your organisation. 

What PODS Is

From the get-go, PODS is a platform that allows organisations to replace their current recruitment capability with a new environment. It is a compelling and cost-effective alternative to creating and equipping an expensive internal talent acquisition team reliant on inconsistent agencies to source candidates. With this in mind, PODS offers relief to HR and talent management departments, allowing them to concentrate on other, more important tasks at hand. 

PODS is built with the capability to offer the user a scalable (up or down) plug-and-play Talent Acquisition option, making it malleable to your specific recruiting needs. This forms part of its core. PODS is built and designed to improve the experience of every participant, whether it be the awardee or the applicant. 

Completely self-sufficient, PODS does not need to be included or integrated into an existing technology-based ecosystem.

 It has been designed to reduce the unconscious bias that sits within the assessment stage and to positively support inclusive hiring practices. PODS is a compelling alternative to an internal Talent Acquisition team that can also be used to supplement an internal team for high-volume roles/projects. It has been process-optimised to streamline highly administrative activities such as capability assessments and interview scheduling.

How Platinum PODS Can Benefit Your Organisation

Ideal for volume recruitment, PODS can take your talent management and acquisition to a whole new level. Thanks to its user-centric design, PODS is simple to use and cuts through time-consuming tasks thanks to the integration of smart technology.

PODS offer a wide range of benefits such as:


Placement On Demand Subscriptions come with fixed dedicated monthly subscriptions fees that make it easy and predictable to budget for. 

Human and Tech-Driven

talentCRU has taken its decades of recruitment experience and integrated powerful computer-driven innovation into the equation, coupling expert human intelligence with smart technology. This allows PODS to remove any unconscious bias, offering true analytics through intricate data processing, all while delivering consistently. 


Thanks to its meticulous design, PODS works on a flexible engagement model that runs on a fully integrated talent acquisition ecosystem consisting of all the technology, human resources and support infrastructure required.


PODS has Various operating models available to suit your needs and demands, including a fully outsourced solution, hybrid bolt-on solution, and a project solution, fitting your recruitment needs. 

User Experience

User experience is at the core of PODS’ design, offering full transparency and timely communication at every stage of every vacancy.


With all the points above combined, PODS can enhance your brand through the improved user experience of all participants in recruitment activities – from talent agent to prospect and everyone in between.

Platinum PODS

The Platinum PODS Package

talentCRU is proud to bring you the top tear of the PODS offerings. With the platinum package you have a single service offering that provides everything that you need, and so much more than you’d expect. Aimed at organisations that scale up their staff in volume, this package combines all the solutions found in the blue, silver and gold packages. 

This package is structured to evolve client and candidate experience and is set up to offer functionality across the board. 

The platinum PODS-specific traits include:

Career Page

Exclusive to the platinum package, a career page allows organisations the ability to raise awareness, drive interest in their company, and build a pipeline of candidates for their open roles. It also gives candidates a snapshot of corporate culture with videos and photos, employee-created content, testimonials, and tailored messaging.

Monthly Strategic Insights Meeting

An exciting addition to this package, monthly meetings with a dedicated account manager, will give insight into the progress made in the talent acquisition funnel. These strategic meetings will save time, resources and opportunity costs. 

Insights Report

Walking hand-in-hand with the monthly strategic meetings is the industry-specific insights report. These reports offer valid, evidence-based information that can be used to inform decisions, strategies, next steps, planning and prioritisation activities.


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