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Unpacking The Silver PODS

The first of its kind in South Africa, Placement On Demand Subscriptions (PODS) offer firms the flexibility to hire the best candidates for the job, faster and more efficiently at a fixed monthly cost. In this article, we will unpack the silver package within talentCRU’s PODS offering.  

Here to solve all your talent acquisition needs, PODS by talentCRU offers organisations the possibility to incorporate smart technology into their hiring processes, ensuring that the right candidates make the list – no matter how big or small it may be. With that in mind, let’s unpack this revolutionary tool further. 

What Firms Want: Silver PODS

For the past fifty years, companies have prepared extensive job analysis to determine what tasks the open position required and what attributes a good candidate should have. After that, came a job evaluation to determine how the job would fit into the firm’s chart and how much it should pay, especially compared with other jobs. Ads were posted, and applicants started rolling in. Next in line was the labour of sorting through the applicants, short-listing as they would go along. 

Today, more and more people are applying for jobs than ever before. This has muddled the process of hiring with an influx in applications. This has led to thousands of work hours and effort being wasted on a tedious process that has not moved with the time. With that comes the question: what do firms want in the talent acquisition process? 

Firms want:

  • The best candidates are recruited swiftly and consistently through a UX-optimised process designed up-front to meet their needs,
  • to have complete access to enhanced recruitment expertise inspired by market-leading
  • data insights,
  • don’t always want to manage and maintain the expensive, specialised and time-consuming requirements of different recruitment technologies and multiple service providers,
  • pay pre-agreed fixed monthly recruitment charges, rather than endure the expense and uncertainty of inconsistent chunky placement fees.

talentCRU has taken everything that a modern-day talent acquisition team requires, and have integrated all of these components – the technology, the people and all the associated services – to build a completely harmonious and seamless offering, packaging it into an all-inclusive, low-cost monthly subscription model, which is the first of its kind in South Africa.

Upgrade Recruitment With Placement On Demand Subscription

The future of recruitment is today and traditional methods have not kept up with the changing of the talent acquisition tide. Companies are moving away from traditional practices of hiring to a more focused method. There are a ton of ways organisations can implement changes to make their hiring more efficient – starting with a tech solution.

talentCRU is proud to bring a new and exciting service offering to the South African market, a service offering that speaks directly to the evolving needs of our clients who require more. More flexibility, more empowerment, more advanced technology, more scalability, more delight. 

With Placement On Demand Subscription, you have a single service offering that provides everything that you need, and so much more than you’d expect. 

Silver PODS
Benefits Of Using Silver PODS As Your Talent Acquisition Solution

The companies that outperform the market make use of next-level hiring techniques and choose to partner with a talent acquisition and management firm. talentCRU can help you to craft the steps for your organisation’s idyllic future, and walk the path with you. As a scalable, turnkey, one-stop shop for all talent acquisition and management, talentCRY helps clients to increase their competitive advantage by aligning strategy with people and culture. 

Offering world-class talent acquisition solutions, talentCRU leverages off of global best practices and technology to acquire and manage top talent. PODS by talentCRU has been designed with this in mind, to offer a flexible and modern solution to your hiring needs. 

The benefits of using Silver PODS include:

  • Easy and predictable to budget for, thanks to its fixed costs,
  • Incorporates collaborative intelligence between users and technology,
  • Convenient, thanks to its fully integrated TA ecosystem that comprises all the technology, human resources and support infrastructure required,
  • With various operating models available to suit your needs and demands, including a fully outsourced solution, flexibility lies at the heart of PODS,
  • Easy to use, simple to navigate, PODS has user experience hard-coded into its DNA, Full transparency and timely communication, of every stage of every vacancy has been added to the equation,
  • Your employer brand will be enhanced through the improved user experience of all participants in recruitment activities.

Silver PODS

The Silver Package

Containing everything found in the blue package, the Silver tier differentiates with the addition of assessments. 

Recruiter delivery management

Designed to cut down on the cost as well as the time it takes to hire a prospective candidate, the silver package offers recruiter delivery management to ensure that targets are met. 

Advertising: PNet & Career Junction

Getting the word out there, PODS makes use of advertising on South Africa’s top job sites, PNet and Job Seeker. These sites provide South African job seekers, agencies and employers with reliable insights into salary levels and online labour supply and demand trends. 

Employment reference checks

Most employers check references as part of the hiring process. Checking references involves contacting previous employers, supervisors, schools, and so forth to verify key employment and educational information and learn more about a candidate’s background, experiences, and skills. Employment reference checks come standard with the silver package.


In order to sift through that many applicants, you will need technology to help you. At no additional cost, clients can benefit from the PODS digital pre-employment assessment platform, which checks a prospect’s capabilities as a candidate. 

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