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PODS by talentCRU

What Is PODS And How Can I Use This For Recruiting?

Introducing PODS by talentCRU, a completely harmonious and seamless service offering, packaged into an all-inclusive, low-cost monthly subscription model, which is the first of its kind in South Africa. Recruitment done the way it should be, simply.

What truly sets talentCRU apart is its new and exciting service offering to the South African market. Placement On Demand Subscription (PODS) is a service offering that speaks directly to the evolving needs of our clients who require more. 

Using Technology To Enhance Recruitment Capabilities

Employee recruitment, selection, and assessment have been for many years and still remain one of the most prominent and important areas of research and practice in both work/organisational psychology.  

First of its kind, PODS is a single offering that combines and integrates all of the technology and human components required to create a holistic recruitment solution. 

Dealing traditionally with the successful attraction, assessment, selection and onboarding of employees in an organisation, it has always been a critical and expensive operation in every organisation. Fortunately, talentCRU has revolutionised the recruitment process with the introduction of Placement On Demand Subscriptions.

PODS offers a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Being cost-effective thanks to fixed monthly subscriptions and a predictable budget,
  • Making use of collaborative intelligence coupled with smart technology that offers true analytics,
  • Being convenient thanks to its flexible engagement model and integrated TA (talent acquisition) ecosystem.
  • Various operating models are available to suit your needs and demands, including a fully outsourced solution, hybrid bolt-on solution, and a project solution,
  • Offers an excellent user experience as PODS is built and designed as its core DNA.
  • Enhanced employer brand through the improved user experience of all participants in recruitment activities.

Placement On Demand Subscription talentCRU

Why PODS Is For You

PODS is the only offering that combines what we believe is the world’s best Applicant Tracking System, with arguably the most exciting online candidate selection platform.

This platform allows companies to hire better and faster by identifying top-performing candidates while measuring their critical skills and competencies. It also integrates with all job boards and social media channels without skimming on interview scheduling functionality. 

With PODS, you have a single service offering that provides everything that you need, and so much more than you’d expect. 

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What Firms Want

  • Firms want the best candidates recruited swiftly and consistently through a UX-optimised process designed up-front to meet their needs.
  •  Firms want to have complete access to enhanced recruitment expertise inspired by market-leading data insights.
  • Firms don’t always want to manage and maintain the expensive, specialised and time-consuming requirements of different recruitment technologies and multiple service providers.
  • Firms are cost-sensitive and many prefer to pay pre-agreed fixed monthly recruitment charges rather than endure the expense and uncertainty of inconsistent chunky placement fees.

pods talencru

PODS – Choose The Right Fit

There are four different tiers of PODS, catering to all types of business sizes and recruitment needs: 


Handled on a per-job basis, the blue tier offers recruitment delivery management, advertising on both PNET and Career Junction, as well as in-depth employment reference checks, ensuring that you hire the right person for the job.


Coming standard with everything offered within the blue tier, Silver offers the added benefit of assessments, as well as job role advertising on LinkedIn. 


Offering a world of possibilities, Gold allows you to customise the tier towards your individual needs. Packed with the same offerings found in the Blue and Silver levels, Gold also provides you with a dedicated account manager, a LinkedIn Recruiter, and access to talentCRU’s interview scheduling software. 


Sporting all of the abovementioned tiers, Platinum offers more than 15 job requisitions per quarter. As the highest tier, Platinum comes with a career page and monthly strategic insights meetings and detailed reports.

In addition to the PODS model, you can supplement your subscription with a Recruiter to manage your end-to-end recruitment functions.

talentCRU customer-tailored recruitment solutions

Integrating PODS Into Your Current Environment

Designed to bolt on to your existing talent acquisition team, PODS can free up to 70% of their effort, allowing them to concentrate on long-term objectives such as future scaling plans, etc. In addition to the PODS model, you can supplement your subscription with a recruiter to manage your end-to-end recruitment functions. 

Replace your current recruitment capability with PODS or create a new environment with a complete end-to-end solution executed to meet your business growth objectives. PODS can also handle volume if need be, delivering mass solutions encompassing full cycle recruitment, so companies can hire great talent quickly and cost-effectively. 

We have taken everything that a modern-day Talent Acquisition team requires and we’ve integrated all of these components – the technology, the people and all the associated services- to build a completely harmonious and seamless offering, and we’ve packaged it into an all-inclusive, low-cost monthly subscription model, which is the first of its kind in South Africa.

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