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Why You Need A Smart Talent Acquisition Partner

Outsourcing your recruitment processes can be daunting, but so is finding and hiring the right people. It is a crucial element of an organisation’s business plan and it directly affects the company’s future success. Without the right employees, a business is likely to struggle with poor productivity, bad decision-making and unmotivated staff.

What Does A Talent Acquisition Partner Do?

Before we jump right into the thick of it, let’s unpack what talent acquisition refers to. It is the process of identifying and acquiring skilled workers to meet your organisational needs. A smart talent acquisition partner is responsible for identifying, acquiring, assessing, and hiring candidates to fill open positions within a company. 

A talent acquisition partner must have strong cornerstones in:

  • employer branding;
  • future resource planning; 
  • diversifying a company’s labour force;
  •  and developing a robust candidate pipeline.

Traditionally, the talent acquisition team is part of an organisation’s Human Resources department. In others, talent acquisition is an external firm that works in coordination with HR or a company’s recruitment managers.

In addition, the duties of a talent acquisition partner also involve recommending the best ways to source talent, training hiring managers and recruitment coordinators on best practices, and assessing candidates based on their education, expertise, and experience.

What Makes A Smart Talent Acquisition Partner?

In many ways, the talent acquisition specialist of today and tomorrow will need to embrace their role as a customer service executive for candidates and employees. They are the pillars that, as a TA specialist, will enable you to uphold your employer brand, and investing in upskilling is a necessity.

Here are some traits that a smart talent acquisition partner should have:

Industry Knowledge

The ideal talent acquisition partner should have a solid understanding of your company’s industry. Experience and knowledge go a long way in terms of sourcing the best talent for the role. A recruitment partner that’s abreast of key trends, topics and predictions will be able to adapt to the needs of your company should the landscape change. 

An Extensive Talent Pool

A talent pool is a database of candidates who are interested in working for an organisation. A talent pool is a shortlist of candidates that are not currently being considered for a role but have been identified as a top talent within a company. In short, it’s a group of contacts who may be suited for various job opportunities in the future. Think of talent pools as a more targeted method of candidate sourcing, which can include the following:

  • Candidates that you or your team have sourced
  • Unsuccessful candidates that you want to re-engage with, AKA the silver medalists; candidates who made it right to the end of your hiring process, but just missed out
  • Social media leads, references and many more.

Aligns Itself With Your And Your Goals

Good hiring isn’t just a matter of finding a candidate who’s the right match for the role. It’s crucial to attract future employees who will fit into your company’s brand and culture. Are you a fast-paced working environment requiring individuals who are just as dynamic? Perhaps customer care, loyalty or transparency are key to your business.

No matter what culture you have, a talent acquisition partner needs to not only understand your company values but act in complete accordance with these. That not only results in better hiring but will also ensure your unique values, message and reputation get conveyed at every stage of recruitment.      

Hold An Open Line Of Communication

This skill is a requisite for success in any role but more so for talent acquisition specialists. This is primarily because of how people-centric the role is. Being able to communicate effectively through both spoken and written media is essential. It comes to great use in drafting compelling job posts, engaging the target talent audience via social media, and corresponding with candidates and hiring managers through multiple channels. 

As the liaison between the organisation and the candidate, a TA specialist needs to be able to communicate well, negotiate intelligently, and mediate effectively. However, there is more to communication than what we say and write. A talent acquisition specialist needs to understand the importance of body language and implicit nonverbal cues to manage their own overt behavior better and gain insight into the behavior of others. This ability to see beyond words is an especially useful tool during interviews.

Why Would I Outsource My Hiring Process?

When a company has various employees working on recruiting without an efficient hiring process in place, results are unpredictable. This is why an increasing number of companies are turning to outsourced recruiting to streamline this process from the inside out.

Outsourcing Talent Acquisition is a smart business strategy with a multitude of benefits. Also known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing, this type of recruiting is when outside experts are engaged to manage a company’s recruiting function, from the people and process to the technology platform and strategy.

Trusting talentCRU With Recruitment Processing Outsourcing

As an RPO provider, talentCRU acts as or supplements your internal recruitment function for a portion or all of your jobs. talentCRU successfully manages the entire recruitment process from job profiling through to the on-boarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, methods, and reporting.

Let us find your perfect people – quickly and cost-effectively – with our tailored permanent workforce talent acquisition strategy.

talentCRU’s experienced recruiters work in your organisation to get a deep understanding of your people, culture, and values. We identify the things that make your business great, positioning you as an employer of choice to top talent. It’s what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best.

RPO through talentCRU can elevate a company’s recruiting department with innovative solutions that deliver proven business results. With talentCRU Customer Retention Rates can increase, hiring manager satisfaction will increase, a reduction in time-to-fill, and a reduction in recruiting costs.

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