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Credit terms and the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 (“NCA”)

  1. The Client hereby specifically consents that talentCRU may:

(i)         Perform a credit search on their records with a registered credit bureau to monitor their payment behavior by researching their records at a registered credit bureau;

(ii)        Use new information and data obtained from any registered credit bureau in respect of their future business transactions;

(iii)        Record the details in respect of the conduct of their accounts with an Adcorp Group company, with a registered credit bureau; and

(iv)       Record and transmit details of how they have performed, and how the account was conducted.


  1. To the extent that the NCA may apply, the Client:

(i)         Warrants that it has due legal capacity to conclude this contract and is not subject to any administration order or other impediments to its capacity to contract; and

(ii)        Acknowledge that talentCRU has the right to submit consumer credit information concerning the Client to registered credit bureaus and/or other credit providers.

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