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We make your people, our business.

Business Solutions

At talentCRU we believe that achieving efficiency in workforce planning, management, and development leads to effectiveness in employee engagement, retention, and cost management. This positively impacts your profit, market share, and productivity.

Our full-service HR outsourcing solution covers everything from permanent recruitment and onboarding, to performance management, payroll, and legislative reporting – all for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.

Whether you:

  • need extra hands for an upcoming project,
  • are looking for an expert to build something critical,
  • need support scaling your business up or down, or
  • need scarce skills to support digital transformation…

… we know people who know people.

Not only will we source the best individual or workforce for the job, whatever it is, we’ll also handle background checks, onboarding, offboarding, performance, payroll, and more.

All you have to do is show your new talent the ropes.

Connect with people who know people.

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